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Here is where I am supposed to give you the "hard sell", to tell you why this is the best Spam Blocker
on the planet (I think it is, but I'm biased ;-) ).

I am supposed to give you 200 dot points on how you can't live without this
(you can, but life sure will be easier with it).

After I have done that, I am supposed to tell you that I spent 1,000s of hours writing this
(I did) and $100,000s developing this (I didn't).

There are supposed to be lots of Testimonials scattered through the page from (perhaps) real people
like you who have had their lives changed by using this software (I don't have any...yet)

And then I tell you that I could sell this for $x,000 but I'm not greedy so I'll let you have
it for only $140 per month, what the hell, I'm a nice person, you can have it for $97 per month
because I really like you.

Hey, it's gotta be worth $100 per month to have a spam free inbox
isn't it? No, it probably isn't. Woops, I think I just wrecked that sales pitch.

Well, after we get to the bottom of the pitch I get to tell you that, for a limited time
(as shown on the dynamic count down clock)
you can have this for the bargain basement, introductory price of only $77 per month.

... but that's not all, now I ply you with a million expensive bonuses for no extra cost.

Until I tell you that for that bargain basement price of only $77 per month
you will be getting over $600,000 of value.

Phew, had enough yet? Have I worn you down to the point that you tear great holes in your
wallet to get your credit card as out fast as humanly possible?

Since you haven't clicked away yet, and I really am a nice person, I am prepared to offer a small bonus.
Here's the deal, I will give you the opportunity to trial the Spam-Killa for a full 30 days from the date
you first register it (you do have to register to use it), with full access to all the features including
the online functions, at absolutely no cost to you. I don't even want your credit card details.

At the end of the trial period you can still use the Spam-Killa for as long as you want but it will
be crippled, not all of the functions will work. It will still block spam 100% and delete the blocked
spam from the email server so it will still be useful to you. Just not as useful.

Of course, if you don't want to use the Spam-Killa desktop version, you can always use
the web based version Spam-Killa Online any time you like and with full access.

If you do decide to keep full access to the spam blocking ability of the desktop
version of the Spam-Killa it will cost you $14.95 per month but you also gain access
to the Spam-Killa Membership site which has a growing number of security type tools, how to
type articles and upgraded information on the newest threats to your computer and website
including how to fix/prevent the damage.

Oh, yeah. Members also have the right to give away free trials of the Spam-Killa and get
up to 66% of the monthly fee as an Affiliate.

block spam 100% with the Spam-Killa

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Awarded 5 flags
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